Over 1700 plastic Easter eggs stuffed with stickers, candies, and toys. All of this in order for people to have the opportunity to hear the good news about Jesus Christ.

Holy Week is one of our favorite times for outreach to share the gospel because here in Spain, people are more open to receiving the good news about Jesus Christ during this time…so, we take advantage.

Years ago, we introduced our neighborhood to what we do in the United States – an Easter Egg Hunt, where we explained to the kids:

The egg represents new life which helps us remember that after Jesus died, He resurrected and is alive.  We search for the eggs just like the disciples were searching for Jesus after He was crucified.  When they found Him they found new life, and it reminds us of the eternal life He offers us when we believe in Him

Two years ago, we decided to make a big event out of this time to be able to reach more of the community. We gave the event a name, PASCUA EL SAUCAR – Pascua meaning Easter and El Saucar being the name of our neighborhood, added more elements (games, face painting, nail painting, crafts, and a show), and moved the event from our base to a park. We had over 200 people show up. Over 200 people were able to hear the gospel.

This year, we planned to do the same. I even went out to scope out the land to begin mapping out where everything would go. The sun was out…until it wasn’t. The day of the event, IT RAINED! It rained all week, leading up to the event, but I kept holding out that it would stop. It didn’t.

Would people come out in the rain? Would it still work out if we had the event indoors?

People showed up. People heard the gospel. People responded.

I love the people I get to work with, who choose to say YES to God no matter what, and just go for it. Who say, NOTHING IS GONNA STOP US FROM SHARING THE GOOD NEWS!