FIRST…Peep the green bracelet – I got it from a dear friend a few years back, before she dipped on us to be with the Father. ♡R.I.P Ireland♡

SECOND…Those curls though 🥰

About 2 weeks ago, I tested positive for COVID. Getting COVID sucked.  I began to feel better and was looking forward to the end of quarantine. Then my husband got it.

Having to quarantine while I’ve gotten better, but then the hubs started having symptoms has sucked even more.  But God has been the sweetest through it all.

During this time I’ve been reminded of a few things:
It’s not about me.
Rushing the process screws up the results.
Prayer is powerful.
Trust God.

I like to be involved in everything – I’m all about the action. However, this has not been the time for that. Having to be still for some time to rest and regain my strength has been difficult, but it has been necessary.  I have not enjoyed being “sidelined” during this time -not being able to be part of the action.  However, just because I’m on the “sidelines” doesn’t mean I’m out of the game. [The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. – James 5: 16b]

Being still, for me, is letting go of the things I cannot control, and trusting God with them. He knows best anyway. It has also been a time of being reminded that PRAYER IS POWERFUL!

I’ve learned…I’m just as needed as a member of the team, on the sidelines, as I am in the game. Just like Moses, Aaron, and Hur while Joshua fought the Amalekites (check Exodus 7: 8-13)

My encouragement to you…even if you feel like you have been “sidelined”, you are STILL in the game. Prayer is powerful. “Fight the good fight” in prayer, and watch God work.

What is it that you need to let go of, and trust God to handle, while you hold down the “sidelines” in prayer?