It is officially COLD here! Like 30 degrees and snowing cold!

Note the UGGS 🙁

Yesterday, I wore my UGGs and well, I am only praying that they aren’t ruined. Back in the states, I never had this problem – of which shoes can I wear that will keep my feet warm and dry because well, I had a surplus of shoes. However, here in Spain, I do not have this luxury. I left my “waterproof + warm and fuzzy” boots in the states because, well, “it doesn’t snow where I live in Spain”. But, 2021, came in with other plans.

A tree outside my window

I’m not saying that I’m complaining at all, I like the snow and think it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! However, things are very different when you have to walk everywhere in the snow (I am carless here in Spain). You feel EVERYTHING about the weather when you’re walking, that’s for sure. And well, yesterday, wearing my lovely UGGs, it wasn’t long before I began to feel the wetness on my toesies as I looked down and saw my UGGS were SOAKED. My little toesies were so cold and so unhappy. As a matter of fact, can we all just take a moment of silence for my warm UGGs.

*insert moment of silence*

Enough with the dramatics already…I was told that it hasn’t snowed like this since 2009. As I now sit here in my favorite spot in my window, I write to inform you that it is STILL snowing. It stopped snowing last night, but today the snow returned and it’s here to hang out. It has even started to accumulate and I’m loving it. Never did I imagine that my first winter “married and in our first piso together, would be like this. I’M HERE FOR IT!!

Outside my window, across the street

I think the part I’ve enjoyed the most are the sudden snowball fights that have occurred across the street from my window. It’s absolutely beautiful to see and hear the joy coming from each individual, of something so simple as “snow”. God is so cool the way He does things. What a way to give us a “clean slate”. At least that’s the way I look at it.

This first full week of 2021, has been a pretty solid one for me, even with it being the first week of our 21-day fast. So, along with our churches back home, my husband and I do a 21-day fast to start the year. For me, it’s a way to truly surrender the plans of this year to God and allow Him to speak to me and prepare me for the plans He has for this year. It’s also a time that I choose to seek and draw closer to Him more. During this time, I spend quite a bit of time in prayer for myself and my own growth, but also for other people and other situations. Gotta make sure I start the year off right you know. My husband and I are also reading the entire bible during this 21-days, following the chronological plan on YouVersion. What a fun challenge this has been – I’ve never read the bible chronologically, but I’m really enjoying it.

There’s nothing like a fast to help you realize your terrible eating habits. My cravings this week have been plain potato chips with hot sauce. YESSS, your girl is here for some chips and hot sauce, but not during these 21-days (oh Lord help yo daughter). Gotta discipline this flesh as well – flesh, you do NOT need this!

Anyways, there I go talking about food again.

Since the hubs is working with the DTS (discipleship training school), he went back to work on Tuesday with them as they officially began their outreach phase, here in Torrejón de Ardoz. Of course, me being a cuddler, I missed having him around during the mornings but super enjoyed having the mornings to myself to be able to really spend some time in God’s presence. His presence is a very sweet and peaceful place to be.

Yesterday, I started “back to work” with my team, Transformation. We started our “in-house team retreat” to pray and plan for the year. Let me be honest, with the snow fall, my “teacher from NC brain” began to think, “ooooh, we’ll cancel our meeting time because of the snow, and I’ll be able to watch the snow fall from home” – HAHA, for sure not the case! Friends, snow does not stop our plans here :). I’m okay with that, but I’m trying to teach my brain this concept.

Well, the snow has disrupted the plans of the DTS a bit as their plans for outreach this week was to go out for street evangelism. Did you know that it is very difficult to do street evangelism when there isn’t any one in the street? I mean, it is cold and snowy, so I understand why no one would want to be out and about. Being that it is the outreach time, you just have to be flexible and open to whatever other opportunities arise.

As for me, it’s been really nice reconnecting with the team these last 2 days, and seeing how God speaks to each of us individually and as a team. God speaks to us all in different ways, but He speaks. I’m really excited to see what God has in store for our team this year. We’re going for more this year, as we SERVE the city, EMPOWER the believers and MOBILIZE the body of Christ to understand God’s heart for the nations.

Let’s Go!!!!

I’ve learned…sheep need a shepherd to follow or else they will go astray, and well, then a “wolf attack” is more likely. It’s not just any kind of shepherd that sheep need, because following the “wrong shepherd” can also lead sheep to death. Because free will is free, the sheep get to choose what kind of “shepherd” they will follow…

My encouragement to you…follow the voice of The Shepherd. Spend time in His word so that you will know His voice, and will move accordingly.