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As you know, Lauren Edwards has joined us here in Spain. Please make sure that when you give towards Andrew and me, that you choose “Missions: Spain (Maiya)“If you have recurring giving that doesn’t have my name in the memo, please also update that. If you have further questions please get in contact!

Here’s my “book” for the month of February. Grab your preferred beverage, kick back, and let’s jump in!



This month our current DTS (Discipleship Training School) graduated, but not without going out with a bang!

The DTS students joined with the rest of IMPACT for an event where more than 250 people responded to the altar call to surrender their lives to Christ. During this event, you could really see the growth of the students and staff, as they shared testimonies, performed in the show, preached, and even gave the altar call. Over the course of the two month DTS outreach over 1000 people gave their lives to God! It’s amazing getting to see the growth of each person of the course of a DTS. God is so good!

Food Distribution Small Groups

After months of just giving out the food during our food distribution times, we have decided that it was time to return to giving our families more than JUST food, but to give them real FOOD :). We’ve returned to our small group times, using a style that Spanish people respond well to – around the table, with a small message and time for response, to allow our families to get to know God moreThere’s a hunger to know Him more, and we could no longer ignore it. We’ve already had families complaining that 10-15 minutes wasn’t enough time; they wanted MORE time. So, we have already begun planning a time during the week for a “Bible talk” for anyone interested.

Just recently, after one of our food distributions, one of the ladies who receives food, came in with an injured foot. Marianela (one of the ladies I work with) was there to receive her when she arrived, and made herself available for the Holy Spirit to move through her. Christ healed the woman AND she then surrendered her life to Christ. There’s a hunger. Please be praying for these families, to truly get to know Him and make Him the Lord of their lives!

Voice for the Voiceless DTS (V4V DTS)

We’ve had our first meeting time with all of our staff currently here in Spain (waiting for the arrival of 2 more this March), where we took some time to give them information about the students’ situations, pray for the school and students, and look over a few details. There’s still so much to be done, but we’re very glad to see things moving along.

Some of our students have begun to write us, concerned for the situation going on with Ukraine and Russia. Please continue to pray for all of us as we seek God’s guidance on how we can be involved, especially with the large refugee population…where we know there will be more people open to hearing and receiving Christ.

Strategy Conference

This past weekend, we hosted the strategy conference here at our base. The strategy conference is for all the leaders of all the bases in Spain to come together to hear from God, but also to share what God’s been doing. It really is great time to connect with other leaders, and share resources, or even be encouraged by what God is doing in other bases.

It is also a time of LOTS OF WORK!!! Especially since our base was the base hosting the conference, so we were VERY busy. As tiring as it was, I have to say that working with these ladies (pictured below) made it so worth it. It helps working with people who are capable and hard workers :). PRAISE THE LORD!!!



Andrew and I got to go to Barcelona!!! It was a work trip, but truly a blessing as we both have never been, and we were invited there. Andrew was asked to set up a video recording studio for a ministry there in Barcelona, and they invited me to come along as his wife (of course). While there, I did get to rest, but I also took advantage of the time there to help one of the leaders of the ministry with a few small things she needed help with (like, her google calender set up/syncing). Before leaving, we were able to tour around the city of Barcelona (thanks to our amazing tour guide)…such a blessing!


If you haven’t spoken with my mom yet, or if you don’t follow me on socials, then you probably don’t know yet but….WE ARE HAVING A LITTLE GIRL!! Yes, her name is Isabela, and we are just over the moon. I am so excited to be starting this journey of “motherhood” as a girl mom.

This month, we finally shared with our community here, so I made some pound cake cupcakes (using my grandma’s pound cake recipe) to celebrate. Mostly everyone was surprised as they thought we were having a boy..hehe.

Anyways, below, in our “various links” you will find the link to our baby registry on both Amazons (the one in the states, and the one here). The Amazon for the states may charge a bit more for international shipping, so just keep that in mind. Our address is already entered into the registry so that you can have it shipped directly to our house. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to write me! Thank you in advance for your gift/s.


We recently experienced just how high gas prices in Spain have gotten when we received our bill for the last 2 months…talk about having to really trust God to provide. With that, our house is a bit colder now, as we have decided to drop our temperature down from 66F to 59F, in hopes to not have a repeat. I’m just thankful for blankets, hoodies, and thick socks 🙂.

Closing this chapter

We did not celebrate over a weekend as we had originally planned (due to that HIGH gas bill), but we are VERY thankful to have been able to celebrate here at home. We did go to Madrid for lunch and dessert one day, and had a dinner here at home over the grill. For us, it was still a very special time. And I had questions for us to discuss as well. I’m very thankful for the way God has been taking care of us throughout our [almost] 2 years.

Of course…we went to the cereal bar to celebrate Valentine’s day 🙂

If you would like to come out to Spain to visit or to work, know that our house is open. Just let me know ahead of time to make sure someone else isn’t already staying AND to be able to send you our list of stateside wants 😉


Andrew, Maiya, & Isabela Kuettner


  • Base-wide
    • Wisdom for the communities of faith.
  • Impact
    • Wisdom for planning the summer outreaches & for how to prepare churches to follow up with people who respond to the altar call from the events.
  • Transformation
    • Strategies for connecting with the people from the activities, in order to create communities of faith.
    • Financial provision and favor for the students coming for the MARCH DTS
    • Wisdom for how to connect with the current refugee situation developing in surrounding countries
  • Andrew and Me
    • For our baby to continue to grow and remain healthy
    • Increase in our finances
    • Favor with doctors
    • Opportunities to continue blessing those around us


We want to thank ALL of you for being with us in this fun adventure as missionaries. Thank you for faithfully praying and faithfully giving each month.

For those of you who have been with us since the beginning, we would like to ask if you would also pray about an incremental increase. Just an additional 10% each month would go a long way to help us keep up with the costs of living here in Spain, as well as welcoming a new member to our family!

Thank you all soooo much!!


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