It’s The Final Countdown

It’s the last week of the DTS and I’m having mixed emotions.  Part of me is extremely excited to get back home to see my friends and family, but the other part of me is sad to see this experience come to an end, July 28th.  I do know that just because the DTS ends, it doesn’t mean that God will stop working in all of us.  My journey as a missionary is only beginning, and I’m looking forward to seeing what else God has in store for me.

In the meantime, let’s talk about these past two weeks.  We spent two weeks in Andalucia (south of Spain) working with children.  Very different experiences, but very enjoyable, nonetheless.

The first week of the two weeks, we were in Almunecar.  I absolutely loved Almunecar and all that it had to offer.  The beach was in walking distance of our place of residence, which was amazing!  I spent every morning, during my time with God, at the beach (except for one day).  Being at the beach is very difficult to not see how great is our God.  He is absolutely the most incredible Artist there ever was and ever will be.







I never really spent any time playing at the beach during the day, but I did have some really cool moments.  One night, Carina and I decided to walk to the beach and ended up in the water as well.  The “I’ve seen way too many movies” in me was a bit uncomfortable because being in the water at night, without a light, and not being able to see what’s in the water, sort of freaked me out.  With that being said, I didn’t spend too much time in the water that night, but I did enjoy it.  The stars in the sky were absolutely gorgeous and very calming though.

Almunecar brought many different feels – we had the opportunity to work at two different disability centers and hosted our Kids in the Park each evening for the church with whom we went to work.  During the days that we weren’t at the disabilities center, we went to evangelize in the streets.














The disabilities center was absolutely the sweetest.  There were moments of discomfort, but not uncomfortable enough to make me run away from the opportunity to share God’s love.  I remember leaving both centers thinking how grateful I was that God chose me to be part of this team, for these very moments.

Something that I God spoke to me about, while in Almunecar, is to always remember what God has already done for me.  Don’t forget, because that’s exactly what the enemy wants me to do.  Remember what God has already done for me, will help me through those difficult moments that will arise, again.

I love that God gave us this opportunity in Almunecar.  There were many moments of discomfort, for me:

  • leading worship without leading on the “keys” but having to entrust that it will be done “correctly” with someone playing the guitar for me.
    • such a stupid feeling I had, as Daddy dealt with me to remind me that worship is for Him, not me!  I loved being back there, being part of it.   I loved being chosen to lead God’s people into worship.
  • having to Emcee…IN SPANISH!!
    • this was the most UNCOMFORTABLE thing I have had to do, as of now, but I did it!  I honestly had SO much fun being the emcee for one of our Kids in the Park events.  Spanish isn’t my first language, so having to be on the microphone, leading an event, where people listen to you and will hear you say things incorrectly in their language, really made me want to run and hide.  I’m thankful that I got through it; that I faced this fear.
  • leading a devotional
    • this was my first time doing so, but I loved it as well!
  • Performing in front of people
    • I liked being “behind the scenes”.  I don’t like “all eyes on me”, but I did it and it was a blast!  Carina planned a “circus” type flash mob routine, and I helped her to put it all together (including a dance routine in the middle).  Instead of being in the back, where I would have loved to be, I was in right in the front, in the middle.  Nope, no hiding there!

This sweet girl thought the world of me, and ran up to me so that I would take a picture with me. Blessed me!

The ladies of La Ede Aventura

In preparation of “La Maquina”.

Sharing my testimony in the church

Teaching my “kiddos” the choreo for the circus’s dance

Prayer time before we go get ’em

Leading worship


































I love how God continues to push me out of my comfort zone; He continues to take me to MORE.  What was once uncomfortable for me, I have found to be some of the most incredible experiences.

We left Almunecar on such a high and headed to Arroyo de la Miel.  I cannot say that I remained in this “high” while there, but now that I have had some time to process this trip, I am thankful for it.

Our sleeping arrangement for the week

The coolest way to sleep at night – for a week at least

“Molding Jesus” skit

“La Maquina” skit prep













We worked with another church, to host a kids camp for the week.  What we thought was going to be a “come in and help” kind of camp, turned out to be a “come in and lead” kind of camp.  Each day, I work with Carina and Mariangeles to plan the camp for the day.  Working around someone else’s ideas isn’t always the easiest, but with God’s help, we made it work.

By the end of the week, we were all VERY exhausted and ready to “crash”.  I remember  thinking, after each camp time, “wow, that was a disaster”, but God corrected my perspective when the leader of the camp came up to us to say how amazing it was.  All the church members were very grateful for our time at their church, and the camp that we put on for the kids.  They even called us “professional” – crazy!


Daddy God blessed us with a day hiking and playing in a rio

We finished our weeks of outreach!

Kids responding to a call to accept Jesus in their heart

Growing with Jesus

















Relationships were built in Andalucia.  Seeds were planted.  God moved.  We all grew.

As I stated before, the end of the DTS is here, but the end of this journey with God is not.  I know that God will continue at work in my life, as long as I choose to follow Him.  This is not the end for me.  I am a missionary.  My calling is to the world.  Wherever He says go, I will go!

I am His eagle, His amazon, His ball of fire.  I hate the sin, not the sinner.  I bring joy wherever I go.  I am His!


Lessons I have learned:
  • It’s not about me.  As long as I love God and He is the one getting the glory, that’s all that matters.
  • My “discomfort zones” are full of excitement more than I may think
My encouragement to you:  Step into your areas of discomfort boldly!  It may be more fun than you could imagine.