Another month, and more opportunities to partner with God. This month began with a trip to Almuñécar, Spain.

Almuñécar is absolutely beautiful; blue waters, and beautiful climate, especially coming from dry and hot Madrid. It’s pretty amazing because we went down to Almuñécar with a purpose to do work for God’s kingdom, which we did, and God blessed us with amazing opportunities to enjoy His beautiful creations. I mean, just look at this picture!

One of our street evangelism opportunities on the boardwalk, where we were able to be part of little Yaron’s first experience being part of a skit. Disciple the young 🙂

There were moments of confronting “discomfort”, but of course you know it’s when you embrace/overcome discomforts that you grow most. Without truly needing to say it, there was much growth. I’m super not a big fan of just going up to a random on the street to share about Jesus, mainly because something about it just makes me uncomfortable. I’d rather take some time to get to know someone, form a relationship, and then be able to share Jesus with said person. However, this week was not about waiting until the relationship was formed to share, but to just go for it. I mean truly, why wait? You never know what could happen in this person’s life; and if in this moment, this person could make that decision to follow Christ, before possibly dying – WHY WAIT?? Why allow my “stupid fear/discomfort” stand in the way?

Well, discomfort was faced this week. And, I survived. Some relationships were built as well though :).

Next stop was Albox, Spain.

When an opportunity is given for me to grow in “using my voice”, I’m learning to just say yes.

Albox came with a slightly different focus. I entered into this week in Albox with literally no expectations because I truly didn’t understand what it was we were to be doing while in Albox. All I knew was that we were going to continue doing God’s work, but what exactly that meant, I had no clue. Street evangelism opportunities were an obvious possibility, but as far as what else, ya girl was at a loss, so I went in to Albox with very low expectations.

However, God blew my mind in such a beautiful way. Unlike in Almuñécar, where we focused quite a bit on reaching people “outside of the church” to get them connected with the church we were working with, in Albox, our focus actually turned out to be inside the church. Inside the church, we were given the opportunity to invest in the youth of the church; where we were able to disciple them – to prepare them for their time.

You know, it’s really cool to have missionary teams to come to a church, and set a fire inside the church – to motivate the people and do work. However, the team eventually leaves, and when they do, what will the church do? Will they be prepared to continue doing the work that was started when the team came in?

This is exactly what we addressed during our week in Albox. We were given time to pray with the youth, bless them, teach them a few skits, give them time to do the street evangelism programs we planned (including one of them sharing a quick message for kids), and prepare them for their season. They worked hard, were challenged, and grew. God is so awesome!

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…

Matthew 28: 19