Happy Good Friday!

Jesus said, “It is finished.” With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.

John 19:30

This Good Friday started off with some rain. Thinking about how much the hubs has already been suffering from allergies, I was actually pretty happy to see the rain. The funny part, as I was walking in the rain, I could not help but think about how I was needing it to rain on my farm.

[SIDE NOTE] The hubs and I have been playing this game called Stardew Valley on our laptops. The newest update (I think that’s what you call it) came out recently, so we just started a NEW farm to check out the new THANGS. Well, in the game it’s now Fall and for the past like 10 days (in the game), it hasn’t been raining. In order to complete this “fish bundle”, I need it to rain so that I can catch the last two fish that can only be caught in the rain, BUT IT HASN’T RAINED! And we only have a few more days left of this season before the next season begins. For my fellow Stardew players, you know my struggle.

A few weeks back, I was asked if I would be willing to meet this girl (we’ll refer to her as Trina) who was looking for someone with whom she can practice her English, and I said yes – what a way to MEET NO STRANGERS, right?. We have decided that between both of our schedules, that Friday mornings worked best, so Fridays we meet up, have breakfast, and chit chat about whatever. It’s been pretty cool, because God has already been using me to speak into her life about various things. If I can be the bridge that connects her to Jesus, then so be it.

Today, being Friday, we were going to grab breakfast as normal – and I was SOOO ready for my tostada con tomate. However, today being Good Friday, our spot was closed for the morning, which caused for a change of plans. Instead of being out with Trina, I have had some extra time in God’s word and just reflecting on His goodness in my life over the last month.

The hubs and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary

because the hubs is ALWAYS moving for pictures, he’s a bit blurry here

We made our request to the Lord about wanting to be able to spend the weekend in Madrid for our 1 year, but were also not opposed to just spending the day as well. Looking at our funds about a week before the trip would take place, it wasn’t looking like the weekend was going to be possible. As I mentioned, we were super okay with just celebrating the day. However, our God being who He is and FULL OF SURPRISES, blessed us with more than we were truly even asking for. Not only did we get the money needed to pay for the hotel stay, but we also had enough for ALL THE FOOD we wanted to eat over the weekend. We even had some extra spending money to grab a few gifts for friends (yes, it was technically a weekend to celebrate us, but we wouldn’t be us if we weren’t also blessing others), and a few “takeaways” for us as well. And did I mention that we had just enough “stops on our metro card” that we needed to go to Madrid and return home? You can’t tell me that my God wasn’t taking care of His children.

We were able to enjoy some of our favorite eating spots as well as get to know some new ones. After all the food we would eat, it was so nice to be close enough to our room to head back for a siesta before we headed back out :). The views from the top of the hotel were GORGEOUS – I’m such a huge fan of Madrid views. God was for sure dropping little treasures along the way for us during our weekend. He celebrated our 1 year of marriage with us, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Our YWAM base had our first Love Feast

the decoration team did their thang

So if you’re wondering what is a Love Feast, you can read about it here. Something new that has taken place in the last month or so, is that the hubs and I are now part of the extended leadership team of the base. As we continue to grow, we want to find ways to improve the way we function as a base. This means, some things are being changed, some things are being removed, and some things are being added. One of the things we have added to our base functions is to have a Love Feast a few times in the year.

Well, we went about making this Love Feast happen without necessarily planning well for it – being part of the leadership team, I will admit this. I was a bit concerned about how it was going to turn out, knowing the lack of planning involved, but God. During the night, God showed up and it was absolutely beautiful. Thinking back to the night, we made room for God to move, and He moved!

I got my new residency card!

check out That’s Amore in Madrid

For me, the process of renewing my residency card is a bit stressful. I mean, the whole thing is a HUGE area of discomfort for me. The moment I see the envelope with the seal on it, my stomach turns to knots. It’s crazy, but it’s true. Thinking about this whole situation, I am so thankful that God blessed me with “my sister” to go through this process with, because man it would suck to have to do this alone. After a VERY long process, my sister and I both received our new residency cards. And in about 11 months, the process starts all over…

To celebrate, we headed to Madrid for lunch at one of the new spots the hubs and I discovered on our Anniversary weekend. We got to chat with the owner for quite some time – SUPER NICE guy – and he blessed us with a VERY DELICIOUS Tirimisu.

Now, as I sit here typing this out, the sun is beginning to peak through the clouds. However, I’m thankful for this little change of plans for today. It’s very easy to become so busy with life, that we overlook the treasures God has placed along the way. Sometimes, you just need to

Stop and smell the roses

There are so many more other ways God has shown Himself to be faithful in my life over this last month, but I’ll let you enjoy these little nuggets for now.

I’ve learned…when I make room for God, He WILL show up. The way that He shows up, may not look the way I would expect Him to show up.

My encouragement to you…it’s nice to make plans, but leave room for God to move. Allow room for God to change your plans and surprise you. You’ll be glad you did

Take a moment to stop a think: how has God been good to you this last month?