Have we seriously already reached the end of the first month of the year 2022?! This month has been quite the month for looking/projecting/dreaming with God about this year. There are so many great things in the works for this year – I’m here for it!


As you know, Lauren Edwards has joined us here in Spain. Please make sure that when you give towards Andrew and me, that you choose “Missions: Spain (Maiya)“If you have recurring giving that doesn’t have my name in the memo, please also update that. If you have further questions please get in contact!

Thanks again for all your continuous love, support, and prayers!!

Here’s my “book” for the month of January. Grab your preferred beverage, kick back, and let’s jump in!


iDTS Outreaches

This month has been quite the busy month for our current DTS (Discipleship Training School), as they have been away on outreach, around Spain.

Part of their outreach time was in Barcelona, where in the first week of being there, 3 youth gave their lives to Christ. After doing different mini-shows to get people to come out to their main event, they had about 120 people attend, 37 of which gave their lives to Christ. There were about 55 others that requested prayer for various reasons, where they witnessed 1 of those receiving healing.

Their outreach continued to Ibiza where, during their street evangelism time, they received and gave prophetic words to those God guided them to, witnessed healings, and lives being surrendered to Christ. There were even able to have a night of “connection” with these people over hot chocolate and worship. What I love about this is how the students are getting to truly be the hands and feet of Jesus, and getting to take God’s love and truths to people they meet.

Just this last week, they have been in Avila, where they have visited various schools, doing mini-shows and inviting them to the main event, where at the main event, over 180 people attended and over 140 gave their lives to Christ…LIKE WHAT?!

Their Outreach with finish in Santiago de la Compostela. Please continue praying for all of them as they continue to be used for God’s Kingdom.

Art + Skate

The skate school had an art workshop, where the students had the opportunity to design their skateboards. Talking with one of the leaders of this school, she said they didn’t want this school to just be about skating, but, also a way to create a community with the students and their parents; connecting with them in various ways. It was for sure great getting to see the parents connecting with the other parents – especially with many people still being a bit “distant” with the whole COVID thing. They’re doing a phenomenal job and having such a great response from the parents. May God be glorified!

Transformation Retreat

We had our first retreat as Transformation, over a weekend, looking at what God did last year, and looking forward into this year. It was a very FULL weekend, but a good weekend as it helped us all to have a more clear vision together as a team as we move forward into this year.

Voice for the Voiceless DTS (V4V DTS)

As I have mentioned in previous updates, Andrew and I will be leading the upcoming V4V DTS, this March to July (it actually begins March 13th – on our 2-year anniversary). We both are looking forward to what God has in store for this time of the DTS, in our students, the staff, but in us as well. This will be the first time either of us have led a DTS. Needless to say, we have been very busy with the preparations of the school; talking with our staff, teachers for the classes, planning outreaches, and answering the many questions that students have.

We currently have 7 students (5 ladies and 2 guys) coming from the USA, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Germany, Costa Rica, and Guatemala. There is a strong possibility of more students to come for this DTS, especially since there is still over a month left before the school begins. Please be praying for financial resources and favor for the students as they prepare to come this way.


Andrew spent a Friday evening with the “freakies” small group, sharing a word on Identity. This small group’s ages range from like 12 years old to like 30….so unheard of for us in the states no? But the good thing is that these people WANT to be there. They love being connected to a community where they feel love, God’s love. And there’s a hunger for more of Him and more of His word – which is how Andrew got invited to come share. Whenever we can, we say yes :).

Cien por Cien Vida Association

Our activities have started back up for the year. Through these activities, we have been building, and will continue to do so, relationships with each participant, to be able to share Christ with them. I love it because typically at the end of my classes (I teach a conversations class on Mondays and a English for beginners on Tuesdays), I will have these moments where I get to share with whoever stays back to ask me questions like, “why are YOU so nice/kind?” or “but, Why do you do…?”. Or they’ll make comments like, “I love how expressive you are, I wish I could be the same way”, which then leads to me talking about knowing your identity in Christ. I’m here for these moments, ya know. It’s about more than just the activities.


Baby Kuettner’s room is painted

During the weekend that I was busy at my team’s retreat, Andrew spent the weekend painting our sweet little’s room. I absolutely love it!! Every time I enter the room, I can’t help but to smile just thinking about how SOON, our little one will be there. ANNNNDD, we just received a diaper changer (i think that’s how you say it in english) as our first piece of furniture. A friend of mine said she has a crib to give to us as well. I am ever grateful for God’s faithfulness and how He is taking care of our little baby. MY HEART IS SO FULL!!


We got to meet with Dennis for a VERY short time while he was in Madrid. It was very sweet getting to connect with him, and laugh at him “getting lost”…it was a nice piece of “stateside” pie for me. He brought with him some goodies as well, mostly for baby, but also some for our bellies. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH DENNIS!!!


As some of you may remember, Ben & Ale (aka Sister) have been away working with a school in Mexico, called the DBS (Discipleship Bible School), to be able to bring it back to our base for this coming fall. After the 3 month school, they then spent a little over a month in Costa Rica with her family. Wellll, they’re FINALLY back and I couldn’t be happier! They returned last Tuesday, and Thursday sister came with me to for a doctor’s appt. I had as a follow up to my bloodwork (everything is all good btw). While there, my doctor decided she wanted to do an ultrasound, so sister got to see our sweet little one…and well, here you have one of my favorites from the MANY pictures my doctor took. Look at that little face!! God is amazing!

Closing this chapter

It’s crazy to think that in just a couple of months, Andrew and I will have a little one in our arms. As we prepare to begin this new chapter of our lives, we are looking to close this chapter of just the two of us with a weekend in Madrid (February 18-20). It would be a celebration of 2 years (March 13th being our anniversary) and a “baby-moon”. We would GREATLY appreciate any help towards this weekend. If you are able to help, please let either of us know (either by replying to this update, sending a text message or whatsapp message)

If you would like to come out to Spain to visit or to work, know that our house is open. Just let me know ahead of time to make sure someone else isn’t already staying AND to be able to send you our list of stateside wants 😉


Andrew, Maiya, & Isabela Kuettner


  • Base-wide
    • Wisdom as we plan for the Strategy conference at the end of the month.
  • Impact
    • Impact DTS is currently on outreach. Please pray for…
      • favor wherever they go
      • health for all students and staff involved
      • for courage where it may be lacking
      • for people to come to know Jesus
      • for the students and staff to grow in Christ even more.
  • Transformation
    • Strategies for connecting with the people from the activities, in order to create communities of faith.
    • Financial provision and favor for the students coming for the MARCH DTS
  • Andrew and Me
    • For our baby to continue to grow and remain healthy
    • Increase in our finances
    • Favor with doctors
    • Opportunities to continue blessing those around us
    • For baby’s room to begin forming 🙂


We want to thank ALL of you for being with us in this fun adventure as missionaries. Thank you for faithfully praying and faithfully giving each month.

For those of you who have been with us since the beginning, we would like to ask if you would also pray about an incremental increase. Just an additional 10% each month would go a long way to help us keep up with the costs of living here in Spain, as well as welcoming a new member to our family!

Thank you all soooo much!!


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