The Way it’s Meant To

Get your bible. Go to the book of James. Read chapter 1, verses 2 to 18.

I want to share with you a very pivotal moment on this journey to Spain, so listen up…

December 8th, 2017, the plan was to have my fundraising dinner party for my exciting trip to Spain, for the Adventure DTS in March 2018. What was NOT in the plan, was the snow & the icy roads that also decided to show up.

That Wednesday night, I was encouraged by some people I hold dear to my heart, to not despair, that everything was going to work out for Friday’s dinner.  Like, it really set me on a roller coaster of emotions because I was literally drowning in my own sea of worry-thoughts, but hadn’t shared it with anyone, but God.  Daddy knew what I needed to hear, right at that moment; and He knew that I needed His warm embrace [nothing like a warm hug to set you right].

Friday came, and I found it a little difficult to not lose hope, as the weather continued to worsen, and guests continued to drop out. However, I remember texting out to some of my faith warriors, “I’m believing that it will turn out the way it’s meant to”.  Have you ever had a “word vomit” moment (whether it be via text or verbally)?  When you say something without even thinking?  Yea, that’s exactly what I happened to me.

Let me just tell you, that was easier to text than to live out, as more and more text messages, phone calls, fb messages, and even a bit of a fright continued to come my way. So many times I wanted to pull the plug, but I didn’t. I just could not bring myself to just give up. And having so many people in my corner that encouraged it, that fought in my corner with me, truly blessed me. The enemy was busy trying to stop the events of that night so bad, but God always wins!

I remember sitting in the parking lot of a gas station near my house, calling my faith warriors as I prepared to turn back around to go home.  I was seriously at the brink of calling it all off, but Daddy God just wouldn’t let me do it, and I’m glad He didn’t.

That night was perfect. To look around the room, to see all those faces that came out for me, truly blessed me. But to see the many hands that were involved, to also be blessed, blessed me more. People raving over the meal (Chef B & mama Carol), the cookies (Rodric & Jenn), the cheese balls (Rodric), the wreaths (mama Jackie) – I loved knowing that night was not just about me! I loved that my babies were even able to make it out to help serve.  We serve an amazing God, friends.



Lesson learned:  it’s not even about me!  Through obedience, comes forth MANY blessings.  Through my obedience, came forth many blessings – those blessings not even being for me alone.  I am grateful that Daddy God allowed me to be part of the blessings for so many others.

To all who came out, THANK YOU! To those who couldn’t, THANK YOU! Thank you for the continuous prayers!

My challenge to everyone: go Meet No Strangers. If we choose to treat everyone like they weren’t a stranger, the world would truly be a better place.