•Panic to Praise•

Daddy God has already been showing off for the year 2018. It started off with a much needed 7-day getaway:  a trip to Universal Studios – Florida and a Disney Dream cruise.

Before the 7-day getaway, I was a HOT mess of thoughts; I was stressing out about many things related to work and me getting to Spain; maybe I shouldn’t have gone on this trip, what if I don’t get my visa taken care of, or what I don’t get the money needed for Spain being just some of my thoughts. March will be here before you know it, but not all details for the trip had been squared away before leaving for the trip. Having other strong women of faith around, to pray for me, encourage, and remind me of God’s plan was definitely a blessing.

Getting away from the world of 4G helped me to truly take some time to enjoy what Daddy God blessed us with – I mean seriously, I was going on a cruise people!  While on this cruise, I met some really nice “strangers”, and you know how I feel about strangers :).   Some of my favorite new friends were a family of Italian Canadians – they definitely helped to keep my little sis and me entertained.  [side note:  if you are ever in Kingston, ON, be sure to check on Paradiso Pizza & Subs]  I also had the chance to “chop it up” with one of the voices from VoicePlay.  Be sure to check out @itsJNone.  I love how Daddy allows me to continue to Meet No Strangers everywhere He takes me.

Upon returning to the world of 4G, after the 7-days, my mood went from Panic to Praise. I decided to check emails to catch up on “the real world” and boy was I glad I did…I had received 2 pledged donations towards my trip to Spain that gave me what I need to pay for my visa, buy my plane ticket, and pay for the program! #WontHeDoIt

I was then able to purchase insurance while abroad AND my round trip ticket to Spain for less than $1,000!! {Yes, read it again if you need to!}.  It’s exciting to finally have some dates to look forward to:

March 2nd – my last day teaching at Andrews Elementary
March 8th – I leave for SPAIN!!!!
March 11th – the DTS adventures begin.

From the moment I said yes to this DTS, I have been on an adventure of learning what it means to fully trust Daddy. One thing I have learned, is that obedience leads to blessings. This has shown to be true on MANY occasions.
Any time an obstacle would arise, Daddy always rose me above it. He knows the plans He has for me, and that’s enough.

My encouragement to anyone waiting for God to move in a situation for you…
Be obedient to what He is wanting you to do, then wait for Him to move. I’m telling you, you’ll be glad you waited for Him.