I’m in Love

I have fallen more in love with Daddy God.

Since I arrived here in Spain, back in March, Daddy God has truly been at work in my heart.  Just this past week, He took me through a “walk of realization” of just how much He really loves me, how much of a gentleman He is, and how He has been everything that I have wanted, or even needed, in a husband.

We have gone on many dates together; whether it be on walks in the park, walks around the city, or hikes.  We have had a cup of coffee together and just listened to music.  We have danced and sang together.  He has allowed me to just sit in His lap, cry in His arms, and even just lay my head in His lap.  He has told me bedtime stories, and played in my hair.  And that small gentle kiss on the cheek, yep He’s even given me one of those here and there.


He has been very subtle with various ways He has loved on me; out of respect for my feelings – almost to not overwhelm me.  Before March, I didn’t like flowers – not at all!  I felt like flowers were too girlie and I never wanted to feel too girlie, because I never wanted people to think of me as being a “weak” – I always had to seem strong.  I hate how I have allowed the world to distort my view of the women, in the sense that if I like “girlie” things, that I am weak – I know that’s not true.  This dislike for flowers has come to an end, but it was all because of Daddy God.

You know, when Adam and Eve walked the garden, before the fall, they saw things from the point of view of God.  Once they listened to the lies of the enemy, they handed over their authority to him – they began to see the world from the perspective of the enemy, which is where their fear of God came.  It’s beautiful to think about how Daddy God has given me His perspective on flowers, instead of me walking in my own perspective.  I have almost had an endless supply of bouquets of flowers, and the most beautiful flowers that anyone could ever imagine, every week.  The best part, I never have to ask for them, He just brings them to me with some of the most amazing smells that anyone could ever imagine.  I love how He brings them to me; with a sweet notes that say things like, “I’m thinking of you”, “you hold so much beauty in my eyes, as these flowers are to you”, “just because I love you”.

He walks around the park with me, holding my hand, and showing me the beauty of His nature and tells me that it’s mine.  He shows me the beauty that He has created just for me, and tells me that He sees me as one of His most beautiful creations.  He tells me He is pleased with me and so proud of me; that He is so proud to call me His own.  He treasures me.  He wants to spend time with me, and talk to me, and never gets tired of time with me.

His sense of humor is one that is unmatched.  We have laughed so much together, and I love it.  We have traveled together, and in these moments of traveling, He continues to show me His beauty.

Recently, we traveled to North Africa together.  It was there in North Africa, that He  showed me His beauty in the mist of a dark place.  It was also there, where I did not speak the language, that He taught me the importance of loving through my actions, and not just through my words.  It truly gave me an understanding of the saying, “actions speak louder than words”.

Two teas for me! Thank You

What we called, “Caca Bread”. Yes, that would be donkey poo that was used for fire, to cook the bread. The bread was delicious, I must admit 🙂

   I have fallen more in love with my Daddy God. I AM in love with Him.

Outreach Update:

  • Camino de Santiago:  we leave this Friday, May 25th, for a 7 day pilgrimage where we will have many opportunities to talk to others about our amazing God.
  • Greece:  In June, we will head out to work with refugees.
  • Spain:  In July, we will come back to work with children, to host a kids camp!  yay!!

Lesson I have learned:  Actions speak louder than words.  At times, our words can become fake, but our actions speak louder.  I have learned the power of love through my actions.

My encouragement to you:  Open your eyes to the beauty around you.  Daddy God has placed it there, just for you!

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