I Have Everything I Need in Him

Week 4:  Semana Santa (Holy Week)

Moises, Ruth (in the background), Me, y Graham (attempting)

What a fun, tiring, interesting, eye-opening, challenging week.  For Semana Santa, the kiddos here in Spain were out of school, so from Monday to Friday we held a Science English Camp during the morning (11:00 – 1:30pm) and had our Kid in the Park ministry from 5pm – 6pm – through which we demonstrated the love of God in various ways.  Our team of 8 students, was split into two teams so that one could work on the Science camp (those who speak English), and one could work on the Kids in the Park (those who speak Spanish).

Angela: “Today we’re learning about…” Professor Sci: “TENNIS BALLS!” [He was incorrect, by the way]

I was part of team “Science Camp”.  It’s an interesting concept to think about: teaching English through the use of Science concepts.  I am ever grateful for the team that we have here, because Daddy God knows that Science is not my thing, haha.  It’s funny, because during the planning stage of this camp, I found the “teacher in me” trying to come out, as I tried to keep all of our ideas/plans/schedule organized.  Many times I was called out on it, but you know, I can’t help it – it’s in me!  During the planning, I also began to see how God has been preparing me for all of this:  many things I learned through my involvement with SHINE camp back at home, the process I went through for VIPkids (this gave me the experience I would need to understand some of the “how to teach English”), leading worship in the children’s ministry, and teaching – just to name a few.  It’s great to be able to have the resources you need, right inside of you, or even just at arms length as I worked with my team.

Making colorful tops on our “Color” day!

The camp itself was a blast!  Thanks to my “sis”/friend, Lauren E, I was able to use one of my her line dances to teach to the kiddos, and my team, to use each day.  It was precious to see the littles dancing; they always make everything look like so much fun.  I’m pretty sure I had the best workout, just from all the laughing that came out of the Science camp alone.   The Science experiments were fun as well – this not only taught the kiddos to never give up, but we adults also learned the same.  How easy it is to give up as soon as something difficult arises, but thinking about Thomas Edison, and how it took him at least 10,000 times before he got it right.  It’s the same way for us in our daily life – things are going to be difficult.  But just like Edison, we must choose to never give up!  Keep fighting, so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what He has promised [Hebrews 10: 36].

Making paper airplanes with Professor Sci. What a great craft to do on the day that we talked about Air & Gases.

Color Relay Race

A few things that stand out to me the most about our Science camp was the effort that EVERYONE put into making this camp the best.  Everyone on the team, even those who aren’t English speakers, worked so hard, and was very involved everyday.  I especially loved to see Graham, our Professor Sci for the week, step up to the plate to be his character for the ENTIRE week!  The children absolutely loved Professor Sci, and I am pretty sure they will always remember Professor Sci.  It’s those little seeds that we plant that make the biggest difference, right?

I also loved hearing the “non-English speakers” even making the effort to practice the phrase of the day, and the vocabulary with the kiddos (each day, we had a key phrase that the kiddos had to say throughout the day, as well as new vocabulary for the day).  It makes such a difference when you have 100% involvement – the impact is greater for sure.  Our team worked so well together, being flexible when more time was needed for transitions, or just whatever -no one complained!

Professor Sci

The 7 Friends with Professor Sci and “Ma”

Another thing that blessed me, was my little team.  My “sister” MaAngeles, a new member for the week Miciah, and I worked with the 5/6 year old boys.  Our team names started out as the 7 friends, but grew to be the 10 friends by the end of the week.  Our little boys were the sweetest little boys, with so fun little personalities.  Their sweet little hugs at the start of each day and the end of each day blessed me so much.  Daddy God knows exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.  There is something so sweet and pure about the love that you get from a child, even though it may not be verbalized.


Our “bully” skit


playing the “electricity” game

With our Kids in the Park event, I experienced similar sentiments, as I watched my team put their all into this one hour we had each day all for seeds to be planted.  We were all willing to look crazy as we played various roles in different skits, as we sang different songs, or played different games.  Whatever it takes for the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior, right?!

trying the “human knot” out with the kids

The way we loved on these children did not go unnoticed, as their parents began to express their gratitude by the end of the week.  Even that is huge, as our goal is not only to impact the lives of the children, but to also reach their parents.  Daddy is at work here, and I am thankful that He wants to use us.  I am thankful that He wants to use ME.

You know when Daddy God is at work, the enemy is UPSET!  I remember sitting at the dinner table Thursday when he attacked me with a bout of vertigo.  You see, vertigo and I have met before, but it has been years since our last meeting.  Since the first time I was introduced to vertigo, I have had many minor symptoms, but nothing big – until Thursday.  It was not fun, but I am grateful for the family God has given me here, as they immediately began to pray over me.  I too began to speak against vertigo, as I knew the enemy was simply trying to “take me out”.  One of my sweet family members, Carina, blessed me with some healing scriptures on youtube, which is what I went to sleep listening to that night.

Playing the body parts game

As I write out this blog, I can happily say that I have been without symptoms since that night!  I refuse to walk in fear, I refuse to allow the enemy to win in any way, I REFUSE!  I am here about my Daddy’s business, and I will not be stopped by some coward.

Outreach Update:

From May 2 – 11, we will be heading out to Morocco to work with children, where we will educate them about human trafficking, as well as teach them English.  I am looking forward to seeing how God will use all of us during this next adventure.  We would all appreciate your continuous prayers for not only our team, but also for the children in their families that we will be working with.

Lesson I have learned:  I must learn to live in the NOW.  All of this NOW is training for what is to come.  [Psalm 40: 1 I waited patiently for the Lord, and He turned to me and heard my cry for help.  I must quit being so focused on everything else around me, out of FOMO, because I WILL NOT MISS OUT ON ANYTHING!  I have everything I need in God!

  • I have been so focused on MANY things (what’s next after the DTS, my future, etc), but Daddy God has told me, MANY TIMES this week, to be in the NOW!

My encouragement to you:  Live in the now!  Don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today. [Matthew 6:34]  Take this time, of the now, and listen and learn.  What you are going through now, is training for what is to come…I too am learning from this myself.


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