It’s a New Season

The Bible Core Course has begun!  Getting to this point in this season, was definitely an adventure.

Before my departure (Sept. 13, 2018), sweet Hurricane Florence was making plans to visit us in North Carolina regardless of her lack of an invitation.  It never dawned on me to be concerned that she could possibly interrupt my flight plans, until I began to receive questions from some friends and family members.  I was scheduled to fly out of RDU at 2:38pm that Thursday, and it was talked about that she would be coming by later that day, so I figured all was good – but I did make sure to pray and include others in on the prayer request.

That Wednesday morning, I went in to check on my flight, and all was still good – I was a happy girl.  Packing was going wonderfully, which I was very pleased with, as my dear friend was not here this time to help me pack [Oh how I missed him so].  A few friends stopped by for some last “hangs”, and then it came in – “your flight may be cancelled”.  As soon as I saw the message come through at the top of my ipad, my heart began to flutter ridiculously.  Once I made it to my Jet Blue account and plugged in my flight number and found it that it had been cancelled, the sickness in my stomach hit me hard!

I immediately got on the phone to call Jet Blue about getting on a different flight, and as I waited to be connected, I went on to looking at flights out of CLT.  After many “please pray with me, as my flight has been cancelled…” text messages went out, and a “nerve-calming” conversation with lady Jet Blue, I was able to get a flight out of CLT Thursday morning at 9:44.  Friends, my Daddy God is the absolute best!

With the new flight time change, that meant my layover in JFK went from 6-hours to 11-hours – oh how thrilled I was!  You know, it’s amazing how fast we forget what God has said to us before when obstacles get in the way, but it’s in times like this that I am ever grateful for my community; my circle.  It was during my “panic” that I received the following message, which changed my perspective quickly:

Remember that every delay or change may not be a bad thing.  Sometimes God orchestrates our steps to avoid danger, calamity or to meet a “stranger” needs to hear a word from Him through you!  Place it in His hands and relax in His plan!  He is always faithful and never late!

During my 11-hours at JFK, I met Shanita.  I saved her from having to sit on a bench for the next 15-hours that she had remaining in the airport, and we sat together in the food court near an outlet.  God blessed me to be able to bless her with dinner as well, and we were able to talk about my plans in the bible course and her plans to travel to Korea for 2 weeks.

She blessed me with some good laughs and we even made a few “people watching” games.  She saved me from absolute boredom :).



Let’s fast forward a bit, and here I am again, back at the YWAM Madrid base in Torrejon de Ardoz.  It feels so good to be back!  I was received at the airport by some of my favorite YWAM family – with a big hug!  It wasn’t until Justin said, “Welcome Home” that it hit me; yep, I’m home :).

When you’re trying to take a “girls photo”, but people don’t quite understand

Some of the [DTS] gals are back together!

I think what I loved most, was just hearing Spanish being spoken all around me.  The Spanish language is definitely one of my favorites, and I am so thankful that my Daddy has blessed me with being able to speak such a beautiful language.





Being back on the base is definitely different this time without my all of my DTS family here, but it’s exciting getting to know the new DTS students that have arrived for the Hip Hop/Impact DTS.  It’s definitely a change from our DTS, as there are more guys than girls this time – with the 3 of us being the only girls in the flat.  But no worries, we are making sure the guys still know who’s running things around here :).





Bible Core Course 2018

There you have it folks; this year’s BCC crew – the coolest folks on the block (or maybe the most tired folks)!





We have already read the books of Romans, Timothy, and Philemon, and spent the week studying Titus.  After just one week, my brain is T.I.R.E.D!  Nonetheless, I am having a blast!  I really have enjoyed getting deeply into the word and just how much this class has made me stop and think about a few things.  But I will not lie, ya girl is EXHAUSTED haha!

This week has already proven itself to be challenging for me, and not just with the BCC, but with the attacks from the enemy.  He is busy little thang, but my God is bigger and better.  Again, it is in these moments, that I am ever grateful for my circle, as I received a much needed/timely face chat from my dear cousin/mentor who helped to set me straight!  I know that matters are not completely fixed, but I do have a new perspective on the situation and know how to be praying for myself and everyone else involved.  So, if you are a prayer warrior, I invite you to be praying for me that I will get rid of this anger/bitterness and allow God to work in and through me for these next three months.

Here’s to a new season!

BCC crew churros date – getting to know our family member Rodrigo.