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  • From Lecture phase to Outreach phase for the DTS
  • Family visits
  • Isabela is growing!


As you know, Lauren Edwards has joined us here in Spain. Please make sure that when you give towards Andrew and me, that you choose “Missions: Spain (Maiya)“If you have recurring giving that doesn’t have my name in the memo, please also update that. If you have further questions please get in contact!

Here’s my “book” for the month of May. Grab your preferred beverage, kick back, and let’s jump in!



Coming to the end of May means that we have also come to the end of the lecture phase of the DTS, and have now entered into the outreach phase.

One of the class weeks during this month was the week we call “Plumbline”. During this week, we really focus on inner healing and letting go of past trauma. This week includes teaching, time of ministry and prayer, as well as a special night of blessing.

It was really great to hear about the different ways each student experienced inner healing and/or liberation throughout the week. It really blessed me getting to take part in the special night of blessing, and getting to see change in their faces, as well as getting to speak into their lives (I was on mommy duty all week, so my only physical part in the week came at the end of the week for the night of blessing). God truly is such a Good Good Father.

As we came to the end of the lecture phase, and prepared to enter into outreach phase, the team spent some days preparing for international outreach. During the prep time, the students learned dramas, how to share their testimonies, how to give a devotional, and how to make balloon animals (great for kids ministry). Before sending the team off to Romania, we had everyone over to our house for a BBQ, which also gave them all time to get to see baby girl and say their “see you laters”.

International Outreach: Romania

Our team made it to Romania, and pretty much hit the ground running. They have been really busy helping to load trucks with food to send to Ukraine, painting and preparing a dining hall for Ukrainian refugees, working with women and children, and helping with construction of houses. They have already begun to share testimonies of how they have seen God use them in the lives of those around them just through acts of love, even though they don’t necessarily speak the language. It’s always so beautiful to me, how connections are made through love and not necessarily through a spoken language. When God is present, the atmosphere changes. We have also received news about how much God has been at work in the lives of our staff and students. My mama heart is so full – I’m so happy for them and proud of them.

In the end, neither Andrew nor I will be going to Romania with the them for these 3 weeks. We saw it best for him to stay back and be able to finish working on a few things needed here at the base, as well as for the coming weeks of outreach we have here in Torrejón de Ardoz, as well as up north.

We would greatly appreciate any [financial] help you could give towards this outreach time, as we will be spending the month of July up north on outreach with our DTS. Yes, this will be our first outreach together as a family of 3 (with a newborn – pray for ya girl).

You can give through any of the ways listed below. Please write in the memo that it is for OUTREACH OR write me directly.


Before leaving for outreach, our Skate school closed for the season with a weekend long skate camp. During this camp, the students received a lesson on how to work in a team, where they learned about various values, such as supporting others, taking care of each other, and sharing tasks. Throughout this season, the skate school team has been able to really invest in these parents/families, which made it really easy for them to be able to take part in the camp. They were very thrilled to be able to do so. This also made room for our team to be able to bless them at different moments…including sharing a meal together, and praying together. It’s great to see how God has used skate to reach the hearts of these families.



What a blessing it was to spend my first Mother’s day with my mama and my daughter! YES, mom made it to Spain on Mother’s day – right in time for my new shirt (thanks aunt Tammy!). We even managed to make this a 4 generation picture :).

It was really nice to just have some mommy & me time during the 2 weeks she was here. You know, random chit chats about nothing and sometimes about everything, watching shows together, but also falling asleep on the couch, AND having my mama’s fried chicken wings & home fries – YES LORD!! Most of our time was spent indoors, as it was REALLY hot here and we do not have A/C, but also because this mama is always tired and still getting the hang of a rhythm. Mom was a tremendous help for me for sure. I really enjoyed getting to see my sweet girl getting some Gam Gam lovin.

However, since it was her first time here in Spain, I wanted to make sure she did get to touch ground in Madrid, Sol to be exact. We spent part of the Saturday in Madrid, where I took her to KM-0 (where all of the highways start from), to the biggest Primark here in Madrid, and to a candy spot where she got to try some Turron (a spanish candy).

Right after mom returned to the states, Andrew’s sister, Sarah, came in for a week. As you can see in the above pictures, this was pretty much the two of them the entire time. Isa loved her new mattress :). It was really sweet getting to see Sarah with her niece – our little Isa is very loved…and spoiled already.

Our little princess also turned one whole month – WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?!

Our little Isabela not only turned one month, BUT also has her passport already!! Yes, my baby has a passport way before I ever had a passport. The crazy thing is that it only took about 8 days for the whole process – CRAZY! I’m so thankful though, as we have a few things we need to take care of for her, that we would like to have done before we leave for outreach in July. She also had her “heart checkup” appt, where the doc gave us very good news that her heart looks good and she is good to go for traveling this summer. We will return in September for another checkup.

This month our sweet girl will be turning 2 months and will also be getting her first set of vaccinations. Pray for the both of us…both of us because this mama is NOT a fan of needles..jajaja

Now that we have baby girl’s passport, we are pretty much good to go to come out (stateside that is) this August. The only thing missing are plane tickets. We would love your help with purchasing plane tickets to come in August – which are pretty expensive since it’s a high time. We would love for you to pray about how you can help us and let us know. Thank you in advance.

If you would like to come out to Spain to visit or to work, know that our house is open. Just let me know ahead of time to make sure someone else isn’t already staying AND to be able to send you our list of stateside wants 😉


Andrew, Maiya, & Isabela Kuettner


  • Base-wide
    • More space. As we continue to grow and have multiple schools functioning at one time, we continue to run into the problem of not having enough space (great problem to have).
  • Impact
    • Summer camp tour. For favor & wisdom over each member as they share the gospel in many place. For God to use each of them.
  • Transformation
    • DTS Outreach. Protection, favor, & unity as we travel and work with other ministries to share the gospel.
    • End of the season activities. Great connections with the families, as well as more ways to continue connecting with these families after the summer. Open doors for families to receive the gospel and choose to make Jesus the Lord of their lives.
  • Andrew and Me
    • Good health. For all 3 of us as we prepare for outreach as a family, and have less sleep haha.
    • Wisdom for Andrew and me on being husband & wife and parents and missionaries
    • Increase in our finances
    • Favor with doctors & understanding of the health system here in Spain as parents
    • Wisdom and guidance with all the paperwork needed to finish for Isabela
    • Opportunities to continue blessing those around us


We want to thank ALL of you for being with us in this fun adventure as missionaries. Thank you for faithfully praying and faithfully giving each month.

For those of you who have been with us since the beginning, we would like to ask if you would also pray about an incremental increase. Just an additional 10% each month would go a long way to help us keep up with the costs of living here in Spain, as well as welcoming a new member to our family!

Thank you all soooo much!!


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