In this newsletter, you will find:

  • Impacting Spain for the kingdom, with the Catholic Church
  • Valentine’s Day at the homeless shelter
  • Preparations for upcoming events & how you can form part
  • Isa girl updates
  • Even a little bit can go a long way


As you know, Lauren Edwards has joined us here in Spain. Please make sure that when you give towards Andrew and me, that you choose “Missions: Spain (Maiya)“If you have recurring giving that doesn’t have my name in the memo, please also update that. If you have further questions please get in contact!


If you are not a regular monthly financial supporter, we would like to ask you if you would pray about committing to give monthly. As you can imagine, with inflation, and having a 6-month old baby, our cost of living has increased. Because of that, any amount would be a great help.

For example: $10 a month is a week’s worth of diapers, $20 a month gets us coffee, $50 a month pays for our internet.

If you would like more information about becoming a monthly supporter, or have any questions, private message me.

Here’s my “book” for the month of FEBRUARY. Grab your preferred beverage, kick back, and let’s jump in!



We had 3 schools running in our base: iDTS (Impact Discipleship Training School), BWAM (Business With A Mission), & DBS (Discipleship Bible School). 2 of the 3 have come to an end this month of February, the iDTS and the BWAM course. The DBS will continue until the beginning of April.

I shared in our September newsletter how this iDTS was the first one to be mixed with protestants and Catholics. We are here because we want to see a transformation in Spain for God’s kingdom, and the way that we believe this is going to happen is through revival in the Catholic church. The truth, we are already seeing a movement here in Spain with the catholic church. Catholics coming to know Jesus Christ and being filled with the Holy Spirit. It’s happening here, and we get to be part of this movement. I’m here for it!


Cubrir sin controlar, liberar sin abandonar, libertad sin espíritu de independencia // Cover without controlling, release without abandoning, freedom without the spirit of independence.

In our National Strategy Conference, leaders from the different YWAM bases in Spain, come together to hear from God, share what God is speaking, and talk about how to accomplish what God is speaking to us to do. It’s a great time to connect with other leaders, share ideas, minister to one another, and celebrate.

The above phrase is one of the phrases that we focused on for the weekend, and that we want to live going forward when we think about leading in our bases. For me personally, something was said that has stuck with me:

When God speaks something to you, for you to do, there is NO NEED to be afraid.

Many times I know I have found myself hearing from God about something, and feeling SOOOOOOO many feels because I was unsure of how to accomplish that. And this is knowing that God equips those He calls, ya know. But hearing this that weekend sort of “woke me up”. I’m ready for whatever God wants for me to do…my yes is YES.

L O V E on Valentine’s Day

Andrew was asked to share something for Valentine’s day, so he of course spoke on God’s love. Because God’s love in me, I can change my nature to love others. That’s sacrifice. That’s what Christ did.

We have been trying to create special moments for those that we have connected with in the homeless shelter. As I shared before, for Christmas, we had a little merienda (a light meal before dinner) for these people, sharing some snacks and hot chocolate with them as well as taking time to just be with them and share the love of Christ with them.

For this month, we wanted to show them how special they are to us by spending some time with them for Valentine’s day. They were very surprised and couldn’t believe that someone would come celebrate Valentine’s day with THEM. It was a very sweet moment and they got to see that they too are thought of and loved. Getting to spend time with them in these ways, sharing God’s love, is breaking down walls allowing us to reach their hearts.


As I have mentioned for some time now, we are currently prepping for our upcoming voice for the voiceless DTS (V4V DTS). As you can se in the flyer, it begins SOON!! We currently have 2 confirmed students, with a list of “possible students”. If we do not have 5 confirmed students by Tuesday, March 7th (tomorrow), we will have to cancel the DTS. Please be praying with us for more students to confirm.

Something I have busy with and that I am REALLY excited about is our newest event coming this April…OUR EASTER EVENT!!

As may know, each year we have had an Easter egg hunt with the neighborhood kids/families. Each year it has changed a little, with 2 years ago being the first year where I took over the time and shared the gospel with the families and gave them an opportunity to respond to the gospel, before sending them out to hunt.

Well, since then, I have asked some of my family members to buy some plastic Easter eggs, after Easter (since I know they go on sale), to be able to increase the amount of eggs we have each year. This year, I am very excited to see that we will have a little over 600 eggs for the families. ANNNNDDD…this year, it will be more than just an egg hunt and a short message, but we’re making it into an event in order to reach MORE FAMILIES!

The idea is to have various stations of games, crafts, face paint, nail painting, and popcorn for the families to have the opportunity to connect and have a great time. Then there will be a time where we will all come together to share the gospel and give the families and opportunity to respond. Here is where they will also have an opportunity to connect with a church in order to have someone / a community to walk with them in their decision. Afterwards, we will let the children loose to go on the Easter egg hunt.

Yes, we are inviting local churches to participate so that there is a connection with the churches and these families. Now that our community of faith, LA BASE, has started here at our base, we will also be able to get some families connected with LA BASE. During Holy Week, people are much more open to hearing and receiving the gospel, so we try to take advantage of this time to make sure as many people as possible are given the opportunity to hear. My desire is that this event provides this opportunity for MANY people in our neighborhood, and the neighborhoods around us, and that MANY will choose to give their lives over to Christ making Him their Lord AND Savior.

So how ELSE can you be part of this event? (because you are in this with me with me being here)

With this being something different for us, I am wanting to bring some new elements to this event. Some of those elements being new games (like, cornhole, this aiming game, ring toss, etc). All of this cost money. I have created a budget for this event (new games, Easter egg stuffers [candy, stickers, little toys], face paint, etc), showing that we will need about $467, with $117 of that being just a one time purchase for this year with the new games, in order to cover the costs of this event.

PLEASE, if you are able and would like to give towards making this event happen, PLEASE do so before March 31st (to allow time to purchase everything). I can give you the account number to my bank in Spain OR you can use any of the links below to give, specifying that it is for EASTER. Thank you in advance!

Other than teaching a book in the bible school, leading the bible study in our base, and just being all around incredible, Andrew has been given the opportunity to help a church update their sound. This month he went to do a sound review at said church and has been working on creating a budget for them with the new things to make their sound better.


Andrew and I have been given the opportunity to be relationship mentors for two different couples. One of the couples is engaged to be married this August and the other couple is walking towards engagement. We’ve only been married for [almost] three years, but God has seen fit to use us to invest in these young couples. I’m grateful.


Thanks to Lauren, Andrew and I were able to go out to dinner for Valentine’s day. She had the hardest job – stay in the house while Isa girl was in bed sleep :).

We went back and forth leading up to our dinner about where we wanted to go, and ended up at Popeyes because we both just really wanted some fried chicken..jaja. We’re so American, I know.

The truth, no matter where we would’ve gone, I would have enjoyed it the same. I love our daughter, but it is nice to have some time with just the two of us. Getting to walk to Popeyes together and just talking, laughing, or just walking hand and hand…sooo sweet for this girl.

We are going to try to spend the day in Madrid to celebrate our 3 year anniversary. It’s coming soon, so we’ve started talking to people to see what people’s availability is like to come spend the day with our sweet girl. We’ll see where we get to 🙂

💛I S A B E L A💛

Our girl is now 10 months old!!

She is quite the funny little girl. We absolutely love her little smile AND she seems to really enjoy it herself. Anytime she sees herself in the mirror or on the phone, she just gets sooo excited (as you can see in the picture with her eating her merienda).

During our weekend away for the Strategy Conference, our little Isa girl got to meet some new friends and had a BLAST!! She thought she was a big kid herself, it was so cute. And the bigger kids (who were not so big themselves), were taking such good care of her. My mama heart was so full.

I’m loving these moments. The mommies and babies together. God truly has blessed us with a great community!

Isabela will be turning ONE before we know it! Her birthday is Friday, April 21st, but we plan to celebrate on Saturday the 22nd. I have created a wish list of somethings we would love for her (I have added it below with the other links). It’s not a big list because there isn’t much that she NEEDS at the moment. Obviously, you can get her other things that are not on the list, no problem.


Andrew, Maiya, & Isabela Kuettner


  • Base-wide
    • Someone with a heart to serve in the area of “maintenance”
    • Our personal / staff to have a heart for God’s word and to live it out
  • Impact
    • Wisdom as they prepare for upcoming events / outreaches
  • Transformation
    • Wisdom and guidance as we plan the upcoming DTS
    • Favor with students (and some staff) getting their visas to be able to travel
    • Favor and provision for the upcoming Easter event
  • Andrew and Me
    • God’s wisdom and guidance as I prepare for the DTS class.
    • Spanish License. Favor with the whole process – finding the right place for taking / passing / paying for the class.
    • Finances. Daily expenses and especially with the increase in gas prices (as you can imagine)
    • Wisdom for Andrew and me on being husband & wife and parents and missionaries, and now relationship mentors.


We want to thank ALL of you for being with us in this fun adventure as missionaries. Thank you for faithfully praying and faithfully giving each month.

For those of you who have been with us since the beginning, we would like to ask if you would also pray about an incremental increase. Just an additional 10% each month would go a long way to help us keep up with the costs of living here in Spain, especially with inflation!

If you are not a regular monthly financial supporter, we would like to ask you if you would also pray about committing to give monthly. As you can imagine, with inflation, and having a 6-month old baby, our cost of living has increased. Because of that, any amount would be a great help.

For example: $10 a month is a week’s worth of diapers, $20 a month gets us coffee, $50 a month pays for our internet.

Thank you all soooo much for being with us in this!!


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