She Smiles Big Now

We ended the month of October with a fall fest for the community.  This was so much fun!  Carina and I worked with the DTS students to put together our circus and a line dance we taught during our DTS (back in March – July).  The circus for sure was a big hit and I was able to invite the kiddos, and the parents that wanted to, to come dance with us for the line dance.  The DTS students also did a skit, which was pretty great – they are all so amazing and I love them so much!

What I loved most about this event is just seeing all of us, from the base, come together for one cause.  I absolutely loved seeing all of us working together to bring a smile to the faces of the kiddos and their parents.  You know, if you can touch the heart of a child, you are also winning over the parent :).  God is just so good.

The month of November has definitely been one for the books.  God continues to show Himself faithful in my life, and never ceases to amaze me.  I complain about not being a big fan of surprises, but I have to admit that I do like His form of surprises.  There is no complaint here, that’s for sure.

Well, November started off a little sad, as we had to say “see you later” to our dear Nate.  Nate was one of the staffs for my DTS, and also happened to be a staff for the BCC up until his departure on the 6th of November.  The lack of his presence was felt so strongly – Nate just has such a beautiful servant’s heart.  Having  “see you later” parties for him was great though because we had some REALLY yummy food 🙂


We also ended up presenting the tabernacle, for the second time, at the church near by.  It was absolutely amazing and so powerful – I love watching God work.  I love it even more when I get to see how He also uses me.  We just serve such an incredible God!

Mis Hermanas: Carina y Ale

Snow-tipped Mountains

One of my favorite experiences was going on a field trip!  I truly felt like one of my fifth grade students when it was talked about us going on a field trip.  As a school, we went out to Segovia to check out of my castles (Alcázar), you know being the queen that I am, and then over to Ávila to see the wall.  It was pretty nice being able to see the snow-tipped mountains in the distance while in the streets of Segovia.  I definitely loved both experiences as I am more a fan of “history” when I can see/experience part of it in person.

Going to Ávila was a first for me, so I really enjoyed the “firsts”.  Being at Ávila helped give me an idea of how the reconstruction of the wall of Jerusalem, that Nehemiah led, must have been like.

After this trip, it has seemed as though the weeks sort of just fell together as I am now writing to you all after having taken our final exam!  I am very excited to say that I have completed the Bible Core Course (BCC), and feel great about it!

Finishing this school, I can say that I have fallen more in love with God’s word,  I have a better understanding of His word (which will continue to be an on-going process), and now have a method on how to continue going deeper into His word.  Goal met [check].

Outside of the school, life around the base has been fun/exciting/and full of unexpected surprises:

We began to have brunch every Saturday – american style

One of the ministries nearby, Remar, wanted to record us singing worship songs in English for their TV show

I love what God has done within our relationship.

Celebrated Thanksgiving with the other Americans here on the base [minus one] I thank God for this moment, as it really did bring some “Family feels” I was missing from not being with my family.

Found the cereal bar 🙂



Christmas Brunch Party with our DTS Students/Staff before they headed out for their 3 week Outreach











































What’s Next:

I will be home for about 2 months, beginning December 4th (let’s hang out).  In February, I will be making the big move back here to Spain where I will continue to partner with YWAM (Youth With a Mission) as a missionary of the Madrid base, here in Torrejón de Ardoz.

The big picture plan is to return as part of the staff here at the base to train and prepare to leave with a team from this base to go and begin another base in the southern part of Spain.  For all my prayer warriors, get to praying, as we definitely need God’s guidance in this process.    We are definitely looking to work with children’s ministry and refugees, and I would love to eventually get a youth ministry and young adult women’s ministry going.

I am not sure of the timeline of all of this but I know that God told me to come back to Spain, so I am obediently doing so.

If you are looking for ways to that you can get involved, please click here

Thank you for your continuous support!!