By Faith…

God’s timing is perfect. Enough said.
The month of January was for sure one of those months that I found myself truly being able to understand how perfect His timing is, as I had to restart the visa process.

I remember being in a mindset of frustration and almost doubt – needing to be reminded of God’s promises; that He’s got this. You know, it’s easy to forget when you see things aren’t necessarily looking or going the way you would have hoped for them to go. And it doesn’t help either when you share your circumstances with others and they begin to look at you with that look of concern, or even speak their concerns out loud to you. Especially when those concerns may be thoughts that you too have, but just haven’t spoken them out loud. I was there.

For we live by believing, not by seeing.

2 Corinthians 5:7 [NIRV]

That’s faith…the confidence in what I hope for and the assurance about what I do not see [Hebrews 11: 1, NIV]. It was by faith that I chose to quit my part time job and just live off of one income as a teacher, because God asked me to trust Him. It was by faith that I chose to leave the classroom and obey God’s call on my life to GO, in the first place. It would be by faith that I would receive all that I needed for the big move to Spain as well, but I needed to be reminded of this. I’ve always been known for my “crazy faith”, so where was it now? It was still there.

It’s funny, because the moment I began to get comfortable with a “plan b”, plan b being that I would go to Spain for 3 months, and return to the states to complete the visa process and be home to assist with various ministries at church, things really started moving. It wasn’t until I truly took my hands off of the “process” that God was able to move in my life – and boy did He move. He is such a gentleman, in that He didn’t even push Himself on me to just take control, instead He waited for me to decided that He’s got this. It literally took about one week for my background check to come back, a few days for translations, 15 minutes for the apostille and then about 2 weeks for my visa to get back to me. Everything happened at God’s perfect timing – it didn’t even make sense. It didn’t even seem possible, but it happened, because God is just dope like that :).

I remember feeling His peace in regards to moving forward with the visa process. It was just nice to be done with all that I knew to do, and to just wait and watch Him move. At the moment, I was able to truly enjoy my time with those around me.

God is so awesome that He used the two months that I was home to give me time with my framily, time to grow in the area of “speaking on His behalf”, time to help get things together at the Dream Center, as well as time to grow in Him more. I love how He loves me, His little princess.

My passport arrived with my visa LITERALLY the day before I was to get on the plane. #wontHedoit

Here I am. Back in Spain, as a [volunteer] staff at the YWAM Madrid base in Torrejon de Ardoz. Yes friends, I am a missionary, preparing to disciple incoming students for this coming Discipleship Training School (DTS). I am thrilled and nervous at the same time. God’s got this!

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