Timing is Everything


Let’s be honest here – I am not a very patient person. I like things done, right when I want it done, and really while we’re being honest, I like things to be done the way that I want them to be done as well. At the beautiful age of 30, unfortunately, it is not very uncommon for me to still want to through a tantrum when the above does not happen.

Seriously, just writing this, I had a case of the “click happy fingers” trying to rotate this picture the right way. I even had the audacity to huff and puff because it was rotating more than I wanted it too. If only, I would have just waited for it to rotate before clicking the rotate button, but no, that’s not my style.

Lately, the topic of “time” has really been in my face.

  • When will I be able to get my hair done?
  • When will I have everything completed so that I can go up to DC for my visa to move to Spain?
  • When will I have enough to get international health insurance?
  • When will I be able to get a new phone?
  • Have I devoted enough time to God in my day-to-day?

The list could go on, but I won’t bore you with my inner impatient thoughts.

One day, I decided to just let God have it – you know, unload all of my worries on Him; He can handle it.

I was reminded that Time is NOT an issue for God. It doesn’t take Him long to make anything happen. Although it may seem like it’s taking forever, to me, it really is being done at God’s perfect timing. My job is merely to trust Him.

When I think about all that happened in the month of December, since my arrival home on the 4th, I am blown away. SO MUCH HAPPENED IN ONLY 4 WEEKS, and so much can happen in the next 5 weeks that I have before my scheduled departure.

God was so sweet and surprised me with funds/time to…

…get my hair done

…go out to lunch with some important people in my life,

…bake with my girls

God then reminded me that He doesn’t love me any less, but He loves me the same, even though I felt like I wasn’t giving Him enough of my time. His love for me is perfect – His Son’s sacrifice is enough proof of that, right?

I continue to wait on a few things to be done, but I am also reminded to Trust Him. God is in control, and He promised to take care of me, to provide for me, to equip me with everything good that I may do His will, working in me that which is pleasing in His sight through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever [Hebrews 13:21, ESV]…or as the Passion translations says: to work perfection into every part of me giving me all that I need to fulfill my destiny. That He would express through me all that is excellent and pleasing to Him through my life-union with Jesus the Anointed One who is to receive all glory forever! [Hebrews 13: 21]

God equips those He calls, and provides for those He calls – that includes me. He keeps His promises.

Yes, I want all these things to happen NOW. I want to be done with the process, with the waiting, but God’s timing is perfect. I don’t want to be like Sarai. God made the covenant with Abram, that He would multiply him greatly, but Sarai was barren. Instead of waiting on God, and trusting His word, Sarai decided to take matters into her own hand. When she did so, she didn’t like the result [read Genesis 15 – 16 for the full details].

Sarai messed up by trying to take matters into her own hands, but God still kept His promise, and the way that He said it would happen. God is faithful.

In reading this passage recently, I really felt like God was reminded me to wait on Him. He is faithful and keeps His promises. Recently, I just found out that one of the “steps to my visa” has just been delayed, so the process continues. My list of “concerns” will get done at the right time that they need to be done – I have to believe this.

Right now, I am going to choose to focus on things that concern God and trust Him to take care of me. I will continue to do my part. I will continue to #TrustTheProcess. Things aren’t happening the way that I want, nor in the time that I want, but God is working on my behalf and His timing is perfect.

A delay does not mean a denial.

Pastor Ralph Emerson

Timing is everything. Promises not only have a process but require patience!

Pastor Ralph Emerson

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